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Personal Training

Get your free sesh

Your first Strategy Session with us is totally FREE! Here's what you can expect at your 45-minute introductory session:

  • 15 mins: We talk and learn a little bit about each other. We go over your exercise history, injuries, and goals. Essentially, we get a snapshot of who you are and what you're looking for.

  • 15 mins: This is our movement assessment. We assess hip and ankle mobility along with back and shoulder mobility. We'll do some flexibility testing for the hamstrings and close out with some movement patterns like squats, push-ups, hip hinges, and some overhead movement. 

  • 15 mins: We compile all the data from you and outline what a sample training program might look like based on your goals and needs. 

This is a no-pressure, informal opportunity for you—think of it like a first date!

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What to Expect

what clients say

"I enjoy Ray's constant motivation and understanding of my goals and making sure that they are attainable and real. His sessions are consistent and results oriented."

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