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The vibes are unmatched in high energy group training program that combines low-impact non-motorized cardio machines with programmed strength training. 

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See if 1-on-1 personal training is right for you with a session on us. We'll talk through your goals and build a personalized training plan.

what is rayfit?

A fun place for regular people to work out.

We've been helping regular people just like you all over Belmont reach their fitness goals since 2011. Our 3 proven pillars will empower you to stick to a consistent workout routine.

Workout with us for FREE and find out for yourself!

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BodyBurn is an 8 week Group Training Program. The workout itself is a 40 minute session combining low impact cardio machines with programmed strength training exercises. BodyBurn was designed for success to help all fitness levels.

Personal Training
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Personal Training


Ray and his team have a combined 40 years of personal training experience and have been serving the Belmont community since 2011. Along with their experience and knowledge-they make training fun!

Your first session is FREE.

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"I enjoy Ray's constant motivation and understanding of my goals and making sure that they are attainable and real. His sessions are consistent and results oriented."

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Why Should I hire a Personal Trainer?

If you’re thinking about hiring a personal trainer but aren’t sure if it’s worth the money, here are 10 great reasons to go for it:


1. Personal trainers have expertise and knowledge that can help you reach your fitness goals faster. They design tailored workout programs based on your specific needs and objectives, and they motivate you throughout the process.


2. A personal trainer will customize an exercise program that is safe and effective for your body type, physical condition, and activity level. This helps avoid injury or overtraining, both of which can derail progress toward your fitness goals.


3. Hiring a personal trainer ensures you stay accountable to reaching your personal fitness goals. As someone who is invested in your success, they will help you stay on track with personalized feedback and motivation.


4. Personal trainers can provide an objective view of your progress, helping you identify areas of improvement and make adjustments to your program accordingly. This makes it easier to stay motivated and focused on achieving your personal fitness goals.


5. Working one-on-one with a personal trainer gives you the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized responses that are tailored to your individual needs.


6. A personal trainer will keep you engaged in a program that is enjoyable while still challenging enough to ensure progress towards your fitness goals.


7. They have access to professional equipment that’s not available at most gyms or home gyms, which can improve the quality of your workouts.


8. A personal trainer will help you identify areas that need special attention so you can achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time.


9. With personal trainers, you receive personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice to ensure optimal health and wellness.


10. Working with a personal trainer can make exercising more enjoyable, providing encouragement and support throughout the process. This might even motivate you to continue working out after accomplishing your initial fitness goals!


Overall, hiring a personal trainer is an investment worth making if you’re serious about reaching your personal fitness goals in a safe and effective way. They provide expert guidance, motivation, and accountability—all critical components for success in any fitness journey. So, if you want to achieve your personal fitness goals in a safe and effective way, consider working with a personal trainer today!

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first bodyburn is free!

  • Can you tell me more about Rayfit Belmont?
    Rayfit Belmont is a personal training service located in Belmont, MA. Ray and his team have a combined 40 years of personal training experience and have been serving the Belmont community since 2011. Along with their experience and knowledge, they make training fun! Rayfit Belmont also offers group personal training. The personalized attention of a personal trainer, but in a small, private group setting. Feed off each other's energy for a fun and effective trainer-led experience. ​ Your first session is FREE.
  • Do you offer Group Classes?
    Yes! Your first BodyBurn is Free! The vibes are unmatched in these high-energy group sessions that combine cardio and strength for a fun and effective workout. It's like personal training but with friends! You get the personalized attention of a personal trainer, but in a small, private group setting. Feed off each other's energy for a fun and effective trainer-led experience. ​ Sign up with our simple form, and we'll get you set up with a group.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can send us an email at or give us a call at 617-932-1343. When you give us a call, you'll be connected directly to our owner. So don't, wait call now!

Frequently Asked Questions

BodyBurn Policies

unlimited bodyburn membership

When you sign up for an Unlimited Membership, you commit to the first three months. If you choose to cancel your membership before the end of this period, you will be responsible for paying the remaining months. After the third month, your membership will continue on a month-to-month basis.

membership cancellation

We understand that circumstances may change, and you might need to cancel your membership with us. To do so, please notify us in writing via email and complete the cancellation process in person. For accuracy and proper documentation, we do not accept cancellation requests over the phone. Please note that we do not offer membership freezes. You can cancel and rejoin at the current membership rate at the time of rejoining. Cancellations will be processed the day the cancellation form is filled out in the studio.

bodyburn 10-pack

The BodyBurn 10 pack is valid for 4 months. It is non-transferable and cannot be shared. A late cancellation and a no-show will result in the loss of that session. 

bodyburn session sign-up

You can sign up 7 days in advance, from Monday to Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday, and so on. We highly recommend signing up early as certain sessions fill up quickly, especially for busy days like Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Sign-up is through or by downloading the MindBody app (search RayFit)


A drop-in is valid for 30 days. A late cancellation or no-show will result in the loss of a session. 

bodyburn session cancellations

We offer a 6-hour cancellation policy for our BodyBurn sessions to accommodate clients on our waitlist and ensure optimal class attendance.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so at least 6 hours before the scheduled session. This allows us to offer your spot to another member eagerly waiting to join. 

Please note that a $15 late cancellation fee will be applied if you cancel within the 6-hour window. In the event of a no-show—where you fail to attend the class and without  cancellation—a fee of $30 will be charged to your account. Please do not text the trainers to cancel you or add you to a BodyBurn session.


If a spot becomes available while you are on the waitlist, you will receive a notification via email or text (please make sure your notifications are on). In the message, please indicate whether you accept or decline the spot. If you decline, you will be promptly removed from the roster. If you choose to accept or do not respond, you will be automatically added to the roster. Your timely response is crucial to avoid any no-show fees and to allow other members the opportunity to take the spot. Waitlist notifications are turned off within the 6 hour cancellation window.  For Example, if you are on the WL for monday 6am and someone cancels at 5am, the waitlist will not be notified.  In that scenario, a spot will be available online so please always check the schedule within 6 hours of start time.

We highly recommend removing yourself from the waitlist before bedtime. We've had instances where clients signed up for the 6 AM class and were moved off the waitlist at 11 PM. If they don't respond to the system message, they will be added to the class. If they can't attend, they will be marked as a no-show and charged accordingly.

arrival time

Please make every effort to arrive on time. As you know, we start on time, every time.

bodyburn format

Please adhere to the format: 2 rounds of cardio and 2 rounds of strength.

We kindly ask you to stay within the BodyBurn perimeter and off the turf.

Remember - paparazzi Ray is taking videos of you and the rest of the participants 🙂

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